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pack of 3creams with 3 lipbalms (travel pack)

antiacne + spirulina mask+ moisturizing cream+ 3lipbalms or day cream + night cream + spf-60 + 3lipbalms plz mention your choice in order note
Rs 1,750.00
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pack of 6 creams (travel pack)

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Day cream night cream retinol eye cream.or anti-acne cream spf-60 whitening moisturizing cream spirulina and moringa mask

Onion Biotin Shampoo| Hair Growth & Scalp Nourishment, Hair Fall & Dandruff| Aloevera, Plant Keratin,400ml

Rs 1,150.00

MetLife onion Biotin shampoo is a hair-perfecting natural oil and shampoo enriched with antioxidant-packed bio-actives, onion oil, biotin, Aloe vera, D-panthenol & bhringraj and essential oil. Provides strength to hair and makes hair healthy and strong.

Aloevera Face Wash (Organic)

Rs 1,050.00

Aloe Vera Face wash is an instant facial organic face wash combines natural ingredients to cleanse your skin, leaving it feeling fresh, glowing, soothing and moisturized.

24K Gold & Collagen Peel Off Mask -150 gm

Rs 950.00

24K Gold & Collagen Peel-Off Mask stimulates the skin cells to prevent wrinkles, fine lines, and spots. Glowing Skin Using Metlife24K gold for skincare has become popular nowadays. Gold can activate the skin's basal cells, which increases the skin's elasticity.