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TynoSeed Fertility Gel

For Women Intending to Conceive. Allows sperm to move efficiently to the targeted area. Maximize your chances of getting pregnant. Tynoseed increases fertility in women without any side effects.
Rs 1,500.00


Tynoseed Fertility Gel is a non-sticky, sperm-friendly lubricant that allows sperm to move efficiently to the targeted area and increases the fertility in women in order to maximize your chances of getting pregnant. Enhances sperm mobility and creates the right environment for sperm survival. To be used during the fertile periods of the ovulation cycle to aid conception.


Intended Use:

Tynoseed Fertility Gel supplements the body’s own natural fluids to reduce friction and increase sperm motility. It is safe for use by women who are trying to conceive. Tynoseed Fertility  Gel may be applied to the vagina to provide lubrication and moisture. Moreover, it increases the fertility in women.

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