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Turmeric Herbal Soap

Its antibacterial properties help reduce acne and pimples. Provides Vitamin E to skin which helps retain moisture and revitalize skin cells. Gently exfoliate excess skin. Helps in reducing psoriasis and eczema. It reduces skin pigmentation. Provides relief from skin rashes and redness of skin.
Rs 370.00

Benefits of Turmeric Herbal Soap: 

Wonders turmeric soap can do for you and your skin:

1. Natural Treatment for Acne.


2. Revitalizes skin.


3. Protects skin from acne & rash.


4. Stimulates blood circulation.


5. A natural anti-bacterial agent.


6. Helps prevent acne.


7. Prevents skin rashes.


8. A natural moisturizer.


9. An effective antibacterial soap.


10. Treat and prevent dryness.


11. Relieves eczema and psoriasis.


12. Reduces facial hair growth.


13. Lighten Stretch Marks.


14. It provides a great relief to aging skin.

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