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Skin toner (turmeric)

Turmeric Skin Toner Refresh, hydrate and rejuvenate your skin with our Turmeric skin toner. It soothes sensitive and irritated skin maintains the pH balance of the skin and softens for a healthy appearance without over-drying the skin.
Rs 550.00
• CLINICALLY PROVEN TO REFRESH & SOOTHE SKIN: Formula refreshes and soothes stressed spot-prone skin. 
• FORMULATED WITH SKIN-FRIENDLY TURMERIC: Enriched with skin-friendly Turmeric, this ultra-fine Mist Toner effectively removes pore-clogging dirt, oil and makeup without stripping it.
• GREAT FOR SENSITIVE SPOT-PRONE  SKIN: This dermatologist tested formula is suitable for stressed spot-prone, combination or dehydrated skin.   
• MADE WITHOUT MINERAL OIL: This non-comedogenic formula rinses completely clean, with no unwanted residue.
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