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Organic Food

Ajwa Paste

Rs 790.00

Protects your heart and controls cholesterol, Control of blood pressure, Useful for Joint and Back pain, Improves Immune system, Enhances stamina, Useful in weight loss as it removes bad cholesterol and keeps you healthy. Note: No sugar is added

Camomile Herbal Tea

Rs 490.00

Camomile tea is one of the popular varieties of tea in the market and it has powerful anti-inflammatory and antispasmodic properties. Its top health benefits include its ability to protect the skin, lower stress levels, regulate sleep, and soothe menstrual cramps. It also boosts the immune system, treats gastrointestinal issues, and reduces belly bloating, among others.. Caffeine free tea that can be enjoyed hot or chilled.

Cinammon Herbal Tea

Rs 490.00

Cinnamon tea is a powerful beverage. It’s filled with antioxidants and offers several health benefits, including reduced inflammation and blood sugar levels, improved heart health, and perhaps even weight loss. Cinnamon tea may also fight off infections and reduce PMS and menstrual cramps. many benefits for male and female health

Healthy Candies (Black Seed) 60 Pcs

Rs 500.00

A lovely item for the ones who don’t want to take Black Seed because of the bitter taste. It is a treat. Tasty and without any artificial colors added.

Senna Leaf Herbal Tea

Rs 490.00

best for constipation & hemorrhoids treatment

Ginger Herbal Tea

Rs 490.00

There are few things as comforting, flavorful and delicious as a hot cup of Ginger tea. Frequently used as a quick fix for settling the stomach and easing digestive distress, fresh ginger tea benefits extend way beyond its ability to treat nausea. In fact, studies show that ginger can boost fat burning, alleviate inflammation and even control cholesterol and blood sugar. Caffeine free tea that can be enjoyed hot or chilled.

Ginseng Herbal Tea

Rs 490.00

Ginseng Herbal Tea is considered as one of the most nutritious herbal supplement available. It is Beneficial for human health and vitality. Ginseng tea is a stimulant and headache remedy

Karela Herbal Tea

Rs 490.00

Regular use of karela tea can prevent many complications such as hypertension, eye complications, neuritis and defective metabolism of carbohydrates. best for diabetic patients .

Hebiscus Herbal tea

Rs 490.00

Hibiscus tea, made from dried parts of the hibiscus plant, is deep red in color. It has sweet and tart flavors, similar to cranberry, and may be consumed hot or iced

Neem Herbal Tea

Rs 490.00

antioxident ,antibecterial and detoxifier best for skin health

Moringa Tea

Rs 490.00

Moringa Tea is an excellent source of antioxidants, including vitamin C, beta-carotene, quercetin and chromogenic acid — all of which may help fight the oxidative damage caused by free radicals.

Tea of Life

Rs 490.00

Tea of Life is a synergic mixture of the world's best known herbs. A soothing and refreshing tea that is good for overall health. It is highly nutritional and immune boosting. Delightful blend which is a good relaxant and helps digestion.. Caffeine free tea that can be enjoyed hot or chilled.