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D-Tan & Radiance Face Wash with moringa ,Tee tree & Green Apple

Rs 1,200.00 Rs 990.00

D-Tan & Lightening Face Wash, Unclog Pores, Blackheads Removal, Uneven Skin Tone, Tan Removal face Wash, Suitable for All Skin Types,200ml


Rs 1,800.00 Rs 1,450.00

WHITE PRESTIGE 4D cosmetic series is the therapy inspired by the whitening fractional laser professional treatment, acting in four dimensions: •lightens the skin •evens its tone •prevents excessive pigmentation •globally improves skin condition. Reduces discolourations like a professional laser treatment!

Radiance & whitening Body Butter (150 gm)

Rs 1,400.00 Rs 1,150.00

radiance and whitening butter for the face & body made with Shea butter, Cocoa butter, and goat milk. Protect and nourish very dry skin like never before with our new and improved Body Butter. Now made with 97% ingredients of natural origin, our Body Butter is specially formulated to provide immediate and long-lasting softness to dry skin. We use only premium ingredients many of which are reputed to provide deep and long-lasting hydration to dry skin. Also provides an aromatherapy experience that enhances the state of mind and well-being with delightfully fragrant aromas.

whitening moisturizing cream (150 gm)

Rs 1,350.00 Rs 1,150.00

all naturally delivered ingredients with Aloe vera , hyaluronic acid, Vitamin e, & Niacin for moisturizing youthful skin with Spf 15. MetLife whitening moisturizing cream is precision-designed to revitalize aging skin. It consists of key nutrients needed to restore the skin to its beautiful, youthful appearance. It helps to replenish skin with long-lasting and plumping moisture while diminishing dullness, enlarged pores, and uneven skin tone. This gel is more than just a rehydrating formula; it is a potent blend of key anti-aging nutrients with a reputation for turning back the clock.

Insta Glow Ubtan Face Mask (150 gm)

Rs 1,250.00 Rs 1,150.00

It helps absorb excess oils from the pores, keeping the skin cleaner and clearer. It is a perfect solution for all oil skin types as it balances the skin. Metlife advanced ubtan face mask refines and restores your tired, sluggish skin and gets a radiant complexion. this is made from traditional natural ingredients known for their skin toning and refining properties. this helps to draw out deep-seated grime from the pores and minimize them. it helps the skin get a refined look and smooth texture

6 steps organic facial kit (40 facials in a kit)

Rs 4,800.00 Rs 4,200.00

removes acne, improves skin texture, and promotes healthy skin. Deep Cleansing and exfoliation result in glowing, softer, and more healthy skin

Swelgo((Curcuma Longa Extract with Piper Nigrum Extract) - Powerful anti oxidant, Anti-inflammatory Supplement

Rs 590.00

Cardiovascular Support, Skin Health, Bone Health, Joint Health, Anti-Inflammatory, Pain Relief

Citrus Herbal Soap

Rs 400.00

Our Citrus Soap gives an all-over effective revitalizing treatment, followed by a moisturizing mask to tone, tighten and give skin an extra dose of free radical-fighting Vitamin C, resulting in a glowing, brighter complexion. Citrus soap also helps stimulate the production of collagen in the skin which helps make skin supple.

NV - Plus (a multivitamin milk powder for children's & old ages (400 gm)

Rs 1,490.00

nutritional supplement, 400gm. Individuals 4 years and older. Nutritional supplement for growing children and adults to reduce fatigue, support heart and digestive tract health, boost immunity, and strengthen bones and muscles.