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Miss Rose Highlighter Palette Glow Kit

- 6 Color Glow Kit - Contour And Highlighter Pallett - High Quality - Smooth And Easy Application - Perfect Finish
Rs 670.00
Old Price: Rs 870.00

Highlighter Glow Kit

Miss Rose presents a beautiful, Glow Kit Palette Highlighter featuring six color-coordinated blush shades & highlights. Mix, layer, and blend to create a good multidimensional look. To complement any skin tone, the silky, lightweight formula is applied smoothly. Skinned & blend-able for the perfect glow which makes you look fresh!

If you feel like your skin looks a little tired or dull, a  miss rose highlighter can help throughout the day. Highlighter job is instant bright skin by light creates an depends on which type of highlighter you use whether it is in the form of liquid gel, powder compact, or cream stick.

Miss Rose has been praised for its huge selection of different shades and unique tones. Of all the miss rose products, the miss rose highlighter palette is the top product among the foremost buzzed about. 

The shades, which come either as a singular or more than one, look more intense and shimmery in the packaging as well as on your face. Your face glows then dewy flare with highlighter buttery softness and shimmery formula and gives you ultimate highlight.


Using a miss rose highlighter with any branded brush or sponge, apply it on the cheekbones, nose bridge brow bone lip curve cupid's bow.

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