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Max-Clean (Anti-Acne face wash with mendalic acid,salicaylic acid, lavender & turmeric

Clear Acne & Pimples Controls Blemishes, Oiliness, Clears White/Blackheads, Pores Fade Acne marks/Scars 200ml
Rs 990.00
Old Price: Rs 1,200.00

Why this Face Wash?

A well-suited face wash for acne-prone skin helps you fight excess sebum whilst maintaining natural oil levels. It proficiently unclogs pores and readily exfoliates your skin fading nasty acne scars and giving you a lush glow and profoundly clear skin.

Besides, the salicylic acid’s and mendalic acid  vigorous action breaks the facades of dead skin cells, exfoliating your pores and prompting lucid skin.

The anti-inflammatory ingredients like turmeric and lavender oil and witch hazel extract fight off blotchiness and skin irritations. Neem facilitates collagen production and enhances skin’s elasticity giving you a soft, wrinkle-free, and radiant look altogether. Lavender significantly treats hyperpigmentation without over-drying your skin and prompting brighter and gleaming skin. For Better results use Acne Serum with this face wash

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