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Leo Kom (For leucorrhoea, abnormal vaginal discharge and vaginities)

For leucorrhoea, abnormal vaginal discharge and vaginities
Rs 435.00

Leo Kom Tablets:

Safe and effective approach for leucorrhoea.


1) Excessive vaginal discharge due to fungal / bacterial / protozoal infection

2) Abnormal / excessive vaginal discharge associated with pregnancy

3) Recurrent vaginitis


1 tablet twice a day for 4-6 weeks.

1) Simulates astringent action in vaginal mucosa and reduce excessive vaginal discharge in the vaginal tract.

2) Overcomes malodor

3) Reduces pelvic congestion and relieves Pruritus vulvae.

4) Restores vaginal pH



1) A brisk walk in the morning is advised.

2) Sanitary and hygienic measures should be followed.

3) Intake of supari (Areca nut) after taking food is very useful.

4) Wear comfortable fitting panties and also preferably cotton ones to ensure air circulation.

5) Clean affected area two times in a day with water.


1) Avoid fried and spicy food recipes.

2) Avoid fasting.

3) Avoid sour things specially pickles and curds.

4) Avoid sex during the attack of the disease.

5) Reduce anxiety and stress.

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