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Intimate Wash (V-Waschen)

Intimate Wash Lotion 100 ML
Rs 495.00

Product description

Product description

V-Waschen Intimate Wash Lotion

Disturbances in the outer genital area can affect the vagina and vice versa. Therefore, it is important to maintain the skin in the outer genital area healthy. Above all, it is a matter of not disturbing the acid protection coat as much as possible, i.e. not to degrease the skin and the acid pH value of approx. 5. Sometimes it is enough to easily remove harmful influences.

Too little hygiene can promote infections, but excessive hygiene can also be harmful to the intimate area.

V-Waschen intimate washing lotion is a particularly gentle washing lotion for cleaning the outer intimate area. The application protects the natural acid protective coating, the addition of chamomile extract soothes the skin. The use of V-Waschen intimate washing lotion helps to prevent skin irritations and infections in the genital area.

The washing lotion is very well tolerated and therefore suitable for daily use, even with dry skin:

For all ages.
Also during pregnancy.
Also therapeutic companion for vaginal infections.

Product Specification:
Mild detergents clean the skin effectively yet gently in the genital area. Lactic acid ensures a skin-friendly pH value of approx. 5. This protects the use of the natural acid protection sheath and at the same time supports the maintenance of a strong milieu. The addition of chamomile extract soothes the skin.


V-Waschen intimate wash lotion is used like a shower gel or a washing lotion:first moisten the outer intimate area, then add a peanut-sized amount of vagisan intimate wash lotion directly onto the palm or on a moistened face cloth and distribute it in the outer intimate area. Then wash it again. If you use cotton washcloths, you should wash it regularly at 60°C.

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