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Dr. Rashel 24K Gold Radiance & Anti Aging ( 5 pcs)

Moisturizes and hydrates the skin, ultimately restoring your skin so that our face will appear more youthful and radiant.
Rs 990.00
Old Price: Rs 1,500.00

If you are looking to make your skin better and younger, try Dr. Rashel 24K Gold Radiance & Anti-Aging Essence Mask. Filled with nutrients, the gold radiance anti-aging essence mask helps repair the damaged skin tissues and restore skin’s natural healthy state. The basic three powerful skin-care ingredients it includes are algae seaweed extract, gold foil extract and glycerin. Not only does it prevent the development of fine lines and wrinkles but also improves the skin texture as it provides deep moisturization to skin. The hydrating agents add the element of radiance to the formula. Skin appears fresher, brighter and plumper

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Acne Soap gets deep into pores where breakouts start and helps prevent future breakouts. This effective, yet gentle cream soap deep cleans without over irritating your skin. This acne soap, enriched with active tea tree oil and other herbs helps minimize the appearance of pores with refined skin tone and texture. Gentle Triclosan soothes and conditions skin to help prevent irritation. Skin is left clean, without any pore clogging residue.

Charcoal Herbal Soap

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Leo Kom (For leucorrhoea, abnormal vaginal discharge and vaginities)

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For leucorrhoea, abnormal vaginal discharge and vaginities

Dr. Rashel Whitening Fade Cleanser

Rs 1,150.00 Rs 850.00

Whitening fade cleanser is a purifying face wash that prepares the complexion for other products while creating a more even skin tone. The creamy formula removes makeup, oil, dirt and debris from pores to promote healthy skin. Contains arbutin and niacinamide ingredients in this cream cleanser also gently exfoliate and encourage cell turnover to fade dark spots and discoloration.