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Black Seed Shampoo( Organic)

Metlife Black Seed Shampoo repairs and restores shine back to your damaged and dull hair. It contains Black Seeds that are specially sourced from Turkey. Black seeds help to add strength and gloss while providing a complete protection against damaged, dull hair. It also prevents against excessive breakage. The shampoo is created to bring back life to your dull and damaged hair. 400 ml shampoo bottle
Rs 1,150.00

Black Seed Shampoo:

Metlife Black Seed  Shine Shampoo provides protection from harmful sun damage and maintains the natural shade of dark hair.

Black hair is unique, so it needs a special shampoo that does not contain lightening components, gently cleanses, provides sufficient moisture and nutrition.  Black Seed shampoo from Metlife health care  takes care of maintaining and enhancing the brightness of the natural color of curls, giving them strength and shine.

This shampoo is enriched with the contents of the black seed, which makes it very effective and good for the great growth and health of hairs.

The contents of this shampoo provide necessary moisture to hairs, replenish them for ensuring their better growth and make them healthy from roots.

Black Seed Shampoo gives your hair a healthy shine and velvety increases hair volume. In addition, the product has a tonic effect on the scalp.

It should also be noted that shampoo can successfully fight dandruff. It also prevents hair loss, making it strong and elastic. In addition to cumin, the shampoo contains various trace elements such as phosphorus, zinc, manganese, as well as vitamins A, E and D. Their presence prevents hair breakage and promotes hair growth.

The majority of ingredients of this shampoo are natural and herbal, thus they don’t possess any kind of harming effect on the health of hairs.

The contents of black seeds in this shampoo make it very suitable for the growth of healthy, dense and beautiful hairs.

The regular and continuous use of this shampoo makes the hairs as healthy and beautiful as one like.

Benefits Of This Shampoo:

  • Provide moisture to head hairs and does the necessary conditioning of head skin
  • Makes the hairs strong from their roots
  • Because of being prepared with the natural contents, it allows the users to apply it on their hairs for quite a long time
  • This product is relatively quite economical as compared to other products of the same genre
  • Has an antiseptic effect, protecting the scalp from infections and irritation;
  • Cleans thoroughly without causing dryness;
  • Prevents dandruff;
  • Smoothes hair, gives it shine;
  • Enhances the natural shade of dark curls;
  • Provides UV protection.

Active Ingredients:

  • Black Seed Oil: has bactericidal properties, relieves inflammation, and stimulates cell regeneration. It soothes scalp irritations, effectively eliminating flaking, itching and dandruff. Regulates the activity of the sebaceous glands, thereby normalizing fat content. Moisturizes skin and hair, nourishing it with essential nutrients from roots to ends.
  • Vitamin E: Contributes to the maintenance of youthful hair and scalp by protecting them from damage caused by free radicals.
  • Sesame Oil: This is an excellent moisturizer for hair, which, in combination with black cumin, provides hair restoration and comprehensive protection.

Directions of Use:

Lather shampoo lightly, apply to damp hair at roots. Massage, then wash off with water.

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