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Antibacterial Soap (herbal soap with triclosan)

Looking for a cleansing bar that removes 99% of bacteria* while moisturizing your skin? this Antibacterial Beauty Bar combines a nourishing formula with antibacterial properties, protecting from skin dryness. This essential cleansing bar gives you the antibacterial clean you want with the moisturization you love and is more moisturizing than ordinary soap. *in a 20-second wash test vs. E. coli
Rs 350.00
 Antibacterial Beauty Bar that removes 99% of bacteria*

•  Enriched with our signature ¼ moisturizing cream and gives lasting moisture

•  Number 1 dermatologist recommended bar brand

• Dove doesn’t dry skin like ordinary soaps can

• Moisturizing formula to protect skin from dryness 

• Suitable for daily use on your face, body and hands

*in a 20 second wash test vs. E. coli 
We all know that the secret to beautifully soft skin is moisture, but why stop there?
If you’re looking to care for your skin and remove bacteria, then this antibecterial Beauty Bar is here.
Our moisturizing formula combines the antibacterial properties you want with the nourishing
care your skin deserves.
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