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Ajwa Paste

Protects your heart and controls cholesterol, Control of blood pressure, Useful for Joint and Back pain, Improves Immune system, Enhances stamina, Useful in weight loss as it removes bad cholesterol and keeps you healthy. Note: No sugar is added
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Ajwa Paste
Keeping in view the countless nutritional & medical benefits of Ajwa Date, Kalvanji Seeds & Saffron,Zaitoon OIL and and we have introduced a unique blend that is called Ajwa Paste

-Ajwa Paste consists of Ajwa Date, powder of Ajwa date stone, honey, Kalvanji seeds,Olive Oil & saffron.

Purpose of preparation of Ajwa Paste
To save human being from chemical drugs and to provide them healing by the Order of Allah from goods seconded & stated by Holy Prophet (?) is our main goal. Our company is providing you premier & pure items for this very purpose so that human being can be healed for diseases and keeping in view the said reasons, company itself markets its products and provides them at your doorstep so that the way of healing cannot be closed due to fake products.

Advantages described by Allah and its Holy Prophet (?) of all the things are 100% definite and useful for us.

Some important medical benefits of -ajwa paste
Ajwa Paste — strengthens special organs (Heart, Liver, Brain) and very useful in cardiovascular diseases.
Ajwa Paste — provide new force to body by eliminating body & sexual problems.
Ajwa Paste — considerably increases vitality.
Ajwa Paste — strengthens bones & teeth by eliminating lack of calcium.
Ajwa Paste — best remedy for all types of pain specially joints pain.
Ajwa Paste — helps lose obesity by eradicating extra fats.
Ajwa Paste — keeps the body strong, proportionate & attractive.
Ajwa Paste — protects from Cancer.
Ajwa Paste — increases memory.
Ajwa Paste — eliminates cold season diseases.
Ajwa Paste — provides countless nutritional forces.
Ajwa Paste — sharpens eyesight.
Ajwa Paste — controls blood pressure.
Ajwa Paste — increases children growth & height.
Ajwa Paste — protects from skin diseases.
Ajwa Paste — eradicates causes of hair fall.

(Method of Use)

Take one tablespoon with warm water half an hour before breakfast.

Diabetic patients take half teaspoon immediately after breakfast & dinner.

Use Ajwa Paste with full belief & confidence, it is remedial for countless of diseases and also protects from diseases. Pay Thanks to Allah after getting health INSHA ALLAH and remember us in your prayers.

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